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Did you know that the ground beneath you stores energy? Enough energy to heat and cool your entire building. Geothermal systems tap into natures energy to provide an extremely high efficient and clean energy source. This system of heating and cooling can save you a considerable amount of money each and every year on your utility bills. If you are considering replacing your heating or cooling system, consider a geothermal system. With the rising costs of oil and natural gas, the geothermal system may be right for your home. Plus, it is a greener solution to home heating and cooling. Not to mention with recent government rebates and incentives to Go Green, you can get up to 30% in federal tax credits on a new geothermal system in Port Angeles, WA.

What is a Geothermal System?

The earth absorbs energy from the sun each and every day. A geothermal system is a heating and cooling system that uses that energy absorbed by the earth to heat and cool your home or business in Port Angeles, WA. The geothermal system extracts the heat from the ground through a series of pipes filled with water and refrigerant. A geothermal system does not require any fuel source. The ground holds all the energy source that it needs to heat and cool your entire building making it extremely efficient.

Geothermal System Repair in Port Angeles, WA

Because Air Flo Heating Co. installs geothermal systems, we are also able to repair them. Our expert geothermal technicians will identify the problem quickly and get your system back up and running. If you do experience a problem, please be sure to call us right away to repair these specialized HVAC systems.

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