wheel of value

The wheel of value is here to show you the "Whole Picture" of what value is.

The value of a "Home Comfort System" is not based upon the equipment alone. The Trane equipment is an important, correct choice and statistics show that Trane is the best value. However, solving comfort and efficiency problems involves much more than "just" changing out or upgrading equipment. Improving comfort and efficiency typically includes eradicating "system" problems such as poor design and/or installation.

The "Wheel of Value" demonstrates in a typical home comfort system installation or upgrade, the equipment represents only a small portion of the value. If only the equipment is addressed, and not the entire system, then the value of the upgrade is reduced. When the system problems are dealt with during the equipment upgrade then the value of the upgrade increases. The "Wheel of Value" shows that 85% of the value of a job is the contractor you choose.